January 31, 2010

Ford County by John Grisham

In 1989, John Grisham published his first novel, A Time to Kill, set in the town of Clanton, in Ford County, Mississippi. Twenty years later, he now brings us his first collection of short stories, returning to that rural corner of the world—a place populated by hucksters and their honest victims, the simple-minded and the shrewd, the rich and the poor. From three good ole boys on a fateful road trip to Memphis to the tale of Stanley Wade, a litigator whose encounter with an old adversary turns violent, the cast of characters in Ford County will keep you enthralled on every page. Brimming with suspense, each of these stories confirms Grisham’s reign as America’s master storyteller. (from Barnes and Noble)

Nope, can't recommend this one. I rarely not finish a book but I just wasn't enjoying it at all, so with only 2 short stories left to read, I closed this one up for good. None of the characters were likeable, the stories weren't all that interesting, and can he just stick to courtroom thrillers please? This is the second Grisham book that I couldn't finish. WD didn't care for it either, although he did like "Fetching Raymond." I was drawn to "Casino" and thought both could've been developed into full length novels. But I guess when you've written as many books as he has, they can't all be winners.