June 30, 2009

She Got Up Off the Couch by Haven Kimmel

After twenty years of burrowing into the corner of the family couch, eating junk food, and reading science fiction, Indiana mother Delonda Jarvis did something that shocked her family: she went to college. Or, as her younger daughter, Haven Kimmel, writes, she "stood up, brushed away the pork rind crumbs, and escaped by the skin of her teeth."

Despite having no money, no car, and a resentful husband, Delonda managed to obtain a master's degree in English. The former teenage bride also dropped one hundred pounds, learned how to drive, and became a breadwinner. But as she reclaimed herself, her marriage disintegrated. (from BarnesandNoble.com)

Oh, how I wish I could write like Haven Kimmel. Her essays are like perfect, meaningful blog posts. All connected in a way that tells one complete, great memoir. I loved this book. Although it stands alone I do recommend reading her first memoir, A Girl Named Zippy. It's where we are first introduced to Kimmel's "characters"--her family. If she wrote nothing but memoirs I would be a happy camper.